Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bait and switch in New Jersey

They will never compromise.

In every state that has approved civil unions or domestic partnerships, same sex marriage supporters have insisted upon legalization of same-sex marriage - almost the very next day.

Don't expect anything different in Minnesota. Rest assured that if the Minnesota legislature had legalized same-sex marriage (domestic partnerships) for hospital visitation privileges in the 2007 session, OutFront Minnesota would be back demanding more in the 2008 session.

Just ask them.

N.J. Commission Expected to Push for Same-Sex 'Marriage'

From Citizen Link

Apparently, homosexuals are not satisfied with civil union law.

Gay activists are complaining that New Jersey’s civil union law is failing. Family groups say this is the next phase of getting what homosexuals want — full-marriage status.

The Civil Union Review Commission has launched its first of three biweekly meetings to hear complaints that civil unions are a “failed experiment” and carry a “second-class status.”

“The net effect of that law was simply to create a vehicle by which homosexual activists could run a dog-and-pony show, essentially to force the Legislature's hand to create same-sex marriages rather than civil unions," said Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action.

Len Deo of the New Jersey Family Policy Council said the commission is stacked. “Steven Goldstein is the head of Garden State Equality, which is the leading homosexual-rights activist group in New Jersey," he told Family News in Focus. "On top of that, he’s also the vice chairman of the Civil Unions Commission — which is basically the wolf watching the henhouse.”

The commission is expected to present its findings to lawmakers to justify a bill allowing same-sex marriage. John White with the Knights of Columbus said that was the plan all along.

“They haven’t been satisfied with domestic partnerships," he said. "That was supposed to be all they wanted. The next thing they wanted was civil unions, they got civil unions, and now that’s not enough.”

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