Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What do San Francisco and Sodom and Gomorrah have in common?

If you only read and listen to the mainstream media you probably didn't hear about Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco but it's worthy of comment. The Fair is, as the group Americans for Truth describes it, an "annual street party for BDSM enthusiasts (meaning bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism — or domination/submission)."

There were public acts of oral sodomy, full nudity, bondage and masochism. Children were exposed to the event and the police did nothing to enforce any public decency laws, if there are any in San Francisco. Decadence was the order of the day.

In addition, an advertisement for the event included a blasphemous depiction of the Last Supper. This event didn't get attention from the mainstream media but is worthy of attention because of the outrageous activities at the Fair. But also because the lack of attention given the activities at the event provide a good commentary on the moral condition of our society.

The fact that the media did nothing to bring attention to the outrageous event; the failure of San Francisco authorities to address the situation; and the refusal of Congresswoman Pelosi, in whose district the event occurred, to condemn the blasphemous treatment of the Lord's Supper suggests our culture is farther down the road to moral disintegration than we realize.

Frankly, the door opener for this sort of activity is public acceptance of homosexual behavior and related activities. Once this line is crossed there's no rational place to redraw the line. That's why we see the homosexual endorsement of bisexuality and transgenderism which includes transvestitism, cross dressing and so forth.

If we continue down this road we will see a Folsom Street Fairs coming to the Twin Cities. We already have a foreshadowing of it with the annual gay pride parade in Minneapolis.


Anonymous said...

That'd be so cool! Yay for the Twin Cities! :O)

Mr Right said...

contrary to the debauched jerk who made the previous comment

God has gotten everything prepared to judge all this debauchery

Romans 1:24 onwards declares how all these depraved minded people came about, and how these people became lovers of the filth that was once hated.

Corinthians 6:9 then declares what God is going to do with all these depraved minded people

so no worries, the debauched THINK they have got it made but, as always, God will deal with them in due time.