Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Would Jesus Discriminate?

By Tom Prichard

Maybe you've seen billboards and yard signs saying, "Would Jesus Discriminate?" When I first saw a yard sign a few months ago, I thought it must be a religious based effort to promote acceptance of homosexuality. It turns out I was right. (Nobody talks about discrimination more than homosexual activists.) Then a few weeks ago I received in the mail a personal invitation to attend a Town Hall meeting sponsored All God’s Children Church, the local church associated with national homosexual network of churches, Metropolitan Community Church. So I took them up on their offer and attended last Saturday night. The event was advertised as an "open dialogue around homosexuaity and Christianity". I treated respectfully and politely by the, I would guess, 150 to 250 people in attendance.

It was clear that we have opposite views regarding the biblical teaching on homosexuality. I think they've rationalized away some some very clear biblical texts on homosexual behavior by saying the passages aren't applicable today or they don't mean with they say.

When question during the forum on whether Jesus does discriminate, when he says things like, "I am the Way the Truth and the Life and nobody goes to the Father but by me" they had a hard time saying no He doesn’t discriminate. And frankly, they weren't willing to say they would forego discriminating when somebody asked them whether they would invite an evangelical pastor who believes homosexual behavior is sin to speak from their pulpit. Nice inclusive idea, but no, they weren’t too keen on that.

So, while their campaign slogan "Would Jesus Discriminate?" is intended to suggest He wouldn't. A closer examination of the issue shows it just doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

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