Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The fact is, comp sex education is all about ideology

By Chuck Darrell

Last night I attended Jim Winkle's documentary "Sex Ed and the State" at the Oak St. Theater. After the Q & A I spoke with Jim about "ideology" vs. "data", a common theme during the evening. Most of you know the argument; abstinence is based upon ideology and comp sex education is based upon scientific data. Science trumps ideology. Case closed.

However, for those of you that are open minded enough to think outside the box, I encourage you to follow the "facts" to their source. I think the facts will lead you to ideology. In other words, the rise in STDs, teenage pregnancy and abortion rates are the result of a progressive ideology towards sexual behavior.

The fact is, "Sex Ed and the State" failed to recognize the cause and effect between the ideology of sexual progressives and the negative outcomes comp sex education is designed to combat.

And, trying to reduce STDs or abortions without addressing the underlying ideology is like trying to reduce casualties in Iraq while refusing to acknowledge the war.

This requires some twisted logic - and a red herring. When abortion rates go up - blame abstinence. Report a rise in Chlamydia, blame abstinence. Increase in STIs and STDs - must be abstinence. (Al Gore blames global warming however.)

"Facts" based comp sex education is a denial mechanism designed to hide the failure of a sexual revolution that swapped abstinence-based values for the more "enlightened" partner of free sex. And now our kids are paying the price.

Think I'm wrong? Jim's documentary discussed a Clinton administration surgeon general report calling for comp sex education. However, the report was spiked because of the President's oral office shenanigans. The Oak St. audience found this to be humorous. Do you see the denial? The dysfunction?

How about the ideology?