Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blinded by an unhealthy ideology

By Chuck Darrell

One of the organizations touted at the showing of "Sex Ed and the State" was the Birds & the Bees project. As reported here and at, Birds & Bees teaches children how to perform anal-oral sex with a dental dam.

I doubt MOAPP will be able to convince many liberal legislators they'll have "cover" supporting unhealthy sex activities like rimming - even if they wear a dental dam.

This is another example of how ideology drives comprehensive sex education. The vast majority of Minnesotan's find it far too comprehensive.

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it hasn't occurred to you that a sizable number of are already rimming, and doing so unsafely, has it?

See, that's the problem with your ideology. It basically says don't do it, and you just expect that teens won't do it. In other words, it is a naive, and therefore dangerous approach.

The comprehensive approach is one based in reality, and teaching teens how to do what they're already doing safely. You may disagree with it, but the kids are doing it anyway.

Assuming that telling to them to not do it, and expecting that that will magically cause them to not do it is just incredibly asinine.