Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We should legalize smoked "medical" pot because alcohol is legal?

By a close 5 to 4 vote, the smoked "medical" marijuana bill passed the senate judiciary committee early this evening. DFL Senator Olson, (SD 4) joined Republicans Limmer, Neuville and Ortman in opposition.

In a repeat performance, bill author Senator Steve Murphy used "alcohol is legal" logic to justify smoked "medical" marijuana. Most people are familiar with the myriad of problems associated with alcohol. Yet few, if any, can explain how the legalization of smoked "medical" marijuana will provide any solution.

Not even Murphy.

But why does this sophomoric argument work? What is it about alcohol that justifies the legalization of smoked "medical" marijuana? Is it that both are serious health risks or impair the users judgement? Maybe booze is a medicine?

No, "alcohol is legal" resonates because everyone knows the real intent is to get a good buzz. And what right does a drinker have to deny a head his weed?