Wednesday, April 18, 2007

MFC agrees with Rep. Greiling, sex ed curricula in public schools contains activities that are "obscene" and "bizarre"

Yesterday, Barb Anderson of MFC held a press conference that identified unhealthy sex activities contained in several sex education curricula used in public schools. In an article by Tim Budig of HometownSource, Rep. Mindy Greiling, DFL-Roseville, said, "Anderson and others bring an extreme voice to the sex education debate. The recent testimony of anti-comprehensive sex education activists before her House education committee was 'obscene' and 'bizarre.'"” “They’re way off base,” she said. Click Here to view testimony - and decide for yourself.

Well, we agree, some of the content contained in comprehensive sex ed curricula is extreme, obscene and bizarre.

We would also add - unhealthy. For example:

“In the Birds & Bees Project guide for educators," said Anderson, "as well as in their teen brochures, students ages 15 and up learn how to make dental dams “for oral sex on the vulva or the anus. This is unfit in a public school setting and is giving young people sexual options that are unhealthy and life threatening – opening more children up to disease.”

“Where is the scientific evidence that anal sex or oral-anal contact taught in comprehensive sex education materials is healthy? There is none. Kids who practice oral sex are now getting STDs in their mouth, throat and tonsils. Rimming and anal sex provide a vast opportunity for a whole host of sexually transmitted diseases. More and more children are being put at risk with this kind of teaching,” said Anderson.

Rep. Greiling, if Anderson's testimony is obscene it is because the material contained in the curriculum is obscene. MFC finds it "way off base" that you would resort to name-calling rather than protecting our school children from unhealthy sexual practices.