Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let the People Vote

OutFront's plan to legalize same-sex marriage took a hit today from Sen. Warren Limmer and Rep. Dan Severson. Limmer and Severson announced the recent introduction of six Marriage Amendment bills to the legislature and exposed OutFront's agenda to achieve same-sex marriage via domestic partnerships and other legislation.
"After hearing Democrat caucus leaders suggest that this year's session was one that should be focused on budgets and more basic legalisation," said Severson, "we were surprised by the progress of bills that promoted divisive issues such as legally recognized same-sex domestic partnerships, and comprehensive sex education for elementary children. We must push the Marriage Amendment at this time."

"There is no question, the people want the opportunity to define marriage. In light of other liberal bills recognizing same-sex domestic relationships in the same way marriage is recognized, the time for a Marriage Amendment is now," said Sen. Limmer.

"Marriage is a bread and butter issue," said Rep. Tom Emmer. Emmer felt the votes existed to pass an amendment in the House, however, the bill has yet to be given a hearing.

The press conference was supported by nearly 50 CEO's from Christian Network Team. Also attending the press conference were Sen. Ingebrigtson, Sen. Gen Olson, Rep. Mike Beard, Rep. Bruce Anderson, Rep. Sondra Erickson.