Friday, August 9, 2013

United Methodists bucking liberal thrend of mainline denominations. Why? Growth of church overseas.

In a refreshing development in the otherwise sad decline of mainline denominations,  the United Methodists are becoming more conservative not less.  Why?  Because of the growth in the number of overseas Methodists who can vote at the Methodist General Conference.  In fact, the liberal pro-gay wing of the United Methodists is actually shrinking.
Despite the many actions [pro-gay resolutions] across the American regional conferences, Lomperis told CP that they were the actions of a "shrinking minority" in the UMC.

Lomperis pointed to the growth of the UMC in Africa, whose delegates overwhelmingly voted against the "agree to disagree" resolution in Tampa last year.

"Our global denomination is growing overseas, where members are generally orthodox. Non-American delegates are getting close to having a majority at General Conference," said Lomperis. "Among American United Methodists, the areas that have most enthusiastically embraced the sexual revolution are the most rapidly declining in membership and consequent influence, while our growing churches tend to be biblically faithful."

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