Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gay mayor and evangelical churches in Portland work together.

Here's a great video on how evangelical churches in the Portland area worked with the then gay mayor of the city.  Despite obvious differences on abortion and gay marriage, the mayor/government officials and the churches worked to address social needs in the community.

It looks like this sort of activity could work in other communities where folks sincerely want to work together on areas of agreement while agreeing to disagree in other areas.
"You can't choose how the mainstream portrays you," says Sam Adams, former mayor of Portland, Oregon, "but I was desperate and impressed with how evangelicals offered to help."

But desperation doesn't always drive cooperation, especially when the two parties disagree on abortion and gay marriage. Adams, in fact, is openly gay. Nevertheless, Adams and Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association, developed a partnership between churches and schools in the Portland area. They offer a model for how we can work together for the common good despite religious and political differences. Their examples gives us hope as Christians seeks to love our neighbors in settings increasingly hostile to the church.

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