Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Superman and Jesus.

In the newest Superman movie there are a lot of parallels between Superman and Jesus.  Here's an interesting list of the parallels between the life of Jesus and Superman.  It's obvious that the original Superman was modeled after Jesus, the god, man person.  
According to director Zack Snyder, this isn’t the first time the above comparison has been made.
‘I think the relationship between Jesus and Superman is not a thing we invented in this film, it is a thing that has been talked about since the creation of Superman,’ he said, speaking to us from Warner Bros studios in LA.

‘And in a weird way, probably was talked about more when Superman was created than it is now. It’s one of those things mythologically you take for granted, a little bit.

‘When you talk about mythology, you want to make a point about the importance of a character, or the relevance of a moment, to be able to draw from peoples’ collective experiences. What is personal to you or to someone who sees a Christ story or someone who doesn’t, it might affect the way they see the movie in a different way, or it may make the events in the film more personal, or make the mythological points of the film more intense.

‘For me personally, I think that the mythological part of the story – and there’s other parallels as well – but if you see this Christ-like story within it, it is really to act as a metaphor to see that Superman is struggling in a way that there might be another layer to it that you can draw from other experiences. But by no means is it for one idea to cancel out the other, or for it to be mutually exclusive to one single idea. I think it’s drawing on all mythology: comic book, religion, ancient, philosophical.’

And according to screenwriter David Goyer, it’s not just Jesus Christ Superman.

‘We didn’t come up with these allusions of Superman being Christ-like, that’s something that’s been embedded in the character from the beginning, he said. ‘But also the legend of Moses, clearly the whole way his parents give him up and send him…’
 This story goes into a bit more detail on the historical basis for Superman, Jesus parallels.

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