Monday, June 17, 2013

Prominent California evangelical pastor calls Democrat Party to account on life, marriage and contraception.

John MacArtur had strong words for where the Democrat Party is at on issues antithetical to biblical morality. 
Shockingly, the pastor said, the Democratic Party has affirmed everything that God hates and that will bring God's judgment.

In MacArthur's words, open sex with government-provided contraception, murder of babies in wombs, and homosexual marriage were all approved as part of the party's platform in August. Moreover, "God" was originally left out of the platform.

This was the first time ever that a major party endorsed same-sex marriage.

"The Democratic Party has now made the sins of Romans 1 their agenda," he said in his message.

"What God condemns, they affirm. What God punishes, they exalt.

"No wonder they didn't want 'God' in their original platform."

MacArthur went further to suggest that voters affiliated with the Democrat Party "rethink" their party identification.

The influential author stated clearly that he isn't getting political with his sermons. This has to do with Scripture, he said.

"This has nothing to do with politics. This has to do with speaking the Word of God to the culture in which we live," he stated. "Why do we say this? Because this must be recognized for what it is – sin, serious sin, damning sin, destructive sin...

This isn't "hate speech," as some might accuse, he added. It's "love speech," he insisted.

"It's better to warn them than affirm them. You might be the nice guy to affirm them but that's not love speech. That's hate speech."
What's interesting is MacArthur isn't known for being a politically involved pastor.

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