Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gay Marriage Court Battle Put On Hold - Time to Contact Your Legislator

The Benson v. Chapin case to legalize gay "marriage" in Minnesota has been put on hold to see if the legislature will overstep it's mandate and redefine marriage and family.  

"We're putting the ball in the Legislature's court ...," said Peter Nickitas, who represents same-sex couples who sued the county over its failure to issue them marriage licenses. 

CLICK HERE to read the entire article in the Pioneer Press. 

According to the article, Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL Minneapolis who is leading the effort to redefine marriage and family said the case "takes away a pretext for the Legislature not acting". 

Dibble's comments should also take away any pretext for pro-marriage, pro-family supporters for not contacting their legislator and telling them that you don't want marriage and family redefined.

Please, contact your legislator today and tell them, DON'T REDEFINE MARRIAGE AND FAMILY.

CLICK HERE to contact your legislator.

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