Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Racino bill defeated in MN Senate Committee on 8 to 5 vote.

Here's a link to a story reporting on the hearing in the state Minnesota on the racino bill. It would place casinos at both of the state horseracing tracks. It lost on a 8 to 5 vote.

While it's uncertain, even doubtful, the Vikings stadium bill will be heard again this session, the real danger there is the effort to pay for it with an expansion of electronic pulltabs and bingo in 2500 locations across the state. This would be an unmitigated disaster. It would mainstream electronic gambling across the state.

a link to testimony against the bill from a person who previously suffered from gambling addiction.

The damage from gambling is really the untold story which needs to be told. For most people gambling is out of sight, out of mind. Yet the consequences and costs are very real.

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