Friday, March 9, 2012

Out of control!

The lastest federal government spending numbers are out and the US federal governmenthad the largest public deficit in our nation's history.

According to a news story:
The federal government recorded its worst monthly deficit in history in February, according to a preliminary report Wednesday from the Congressional Budget Office that said the deficit in fiscal year 2012 is already more than half a trillion dollars. We're borrowing 42 cents for every dollar spent.

The figures show that despite repeated efforts to trim spending, the has borrowed 42 cents of every dollar it spent during the first five months of this fiscal year.

The nonpartisan agency projected the will run a deficit of $229 billion in February, the highest monthly figure ever. The previous high was $223 billion a year ago, in February 2011.

It is the 41st straight month the has run a deficit — itself a record streak that dates back to the final months of President George W. Bush’s tenure. Before now, the longest streak on record was 11 months. For all of fiscal year 2012, which began Oct. 1, the budget analysts said the government has raised $869 billion in revenue but spent $1.5 trillion so far...
And it's not supposed to end anything soon.
Mr. Obama last month released a budget that showed the government averaging $1 trillion deficits for the rest of this decade. House Republicans are working to write their own budget now, while Senate Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has said he doubts his chamber will write a budget this year.
That last comments suggests Democrats in Congress have given up on evening trying to deal with it.

We're broke and don't care. The only question is when other people stop loaning us money. That's when the pain will start.

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