Thursday, August 26, 2010

Planned Parenthood likes Mark Dayton's "vision for the state". Will mean abortion and condoms any and everywhere.

Not surprisingly Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/SD endorsed Mark Dayton after their first endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher lost to Dayton in the DFL primary.

In announcing their endorsement, PP said they like Dayton's "vision for the state". I presume that means taxpayer funding of abortion on demand and a condom for every teenager. And of course millions of taxpayer dollars going into PP's coffers each year.

They say they want to point out Emmer's "abysmal record on women's health and safety." Let's see what are the effects of PP's record on "women's health and safety." With Planned Parenthood's philosophy of free sex the entrenched establishment policy we have an epidemic of STDs, teens struggling with suicide and depression, out of wedlock births, and over 12,000 abortions annually in Minnesota. If that's the result of Planned Parenthood and Mark Dayton's vision for the state, I think Minnesotans should unequivocally reject it.

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