Thursday, August 12, 2010

Koering goes down to defeat. Hurt by personal behavior and voting record.

One of the few hotly contested primaries Tuesday was the Republican primary for the state Senate in the 12th district, featuring incumbent Paul Koering and challenger Paul Gazelka.

Koering has been all over the map personally and legislatively. Voting for and against tax increases and a state marriage amendment. And of course coming out as a gay and privately threatening to jump to the DFL caucus a several years ago.

Gazelka is both an economic and social conservative and was in the state House for several years.

Until a month or so ago, there were lots of undecided voters in the districtand those who were decided, were going for Koering by 2 to 1.

Koering's date or dinner with male porn star raised questions about his character and his all over the map voting record on a number of issues came back to haunt him.

I'm told whoever won their primary would be the favorite for the general election.

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