Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Evan Bayh's real goal higher office?

Democrat Senator Evan Bayh's shocked the political establishment when he announced he wouldn't seek re-election. Many saw it as a commentary on the dismal prospects for incumbents in November. Bayh said he was getting out because the Senate was not a fun place to be. The place was broken and too partisan.

I heard one of his TV interviews and he sounded very much like a man who was looking at higher office. He hammered the political extremists on both ends of the political spectrum and sounded like an outsider even though he's been in DC for quite a while. With $13 million in the bank, it sounded like he was trying to position himself as a middle of the road candidate who should be considered for higher office.

Gary Bauer noted that his record is anything but moderate.
This morning, many pundits are singing Bayh’s praises and bemoaning his retirement. I feel compelled to devote some space in this report to debunking the myth of “Evan Bayh, the bi-partisan moderate.” While Bayh occasionally threw a bone to his conservative Hoosier constituency, his rating with Citizens Against Government Waste is 25%, and 19% with the National Taxpayers Union. Bayh’s lifetime pro-family score with Campaign for Working Families is just 18%. That’s pathetic for someone who purportedly represents the “moderate center” of American politics. Here’s a sample of Bayh’s voting record:
  • FOR socialized medicine.
  • FOR hate crimes legislation.
  • FOR Obama’s pork-barrel spending stimulus bill.
  • FOR taxpayer-funding of groups that promote abortion.
  • FOR card-check legislation.
  • AGAINST English as our national language.
  • AGAINST efforts to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
  • AGAINST the confirmation of Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito.
  • AGAINST domestic oil exploration.


Elaine said...

To vote the opposite way of the list of votes you mentioned, is to example an extremist vote.

Which you are.

You are an occult,and hopefully soon one day your congregation will get help for the dangerous brainwashing that your leaders have done. I fear for the children of your congregation.

mom said...

A very wonderful interview and Article from a real conservative was posted here

Mickey Edwards goes on to tell the public why its groups like yourselves that is the real downfall of the conservative party. And how ashamed he is of the conservative party the way it is now.

A wonderful post to from a reader to follow up this article regarding the wonderful traits that the real conservative party has but what is showing now is not.... I agree, as a past conservative ...

I disagree that they should be allowed to call themselves conservatives.

Those who call themselves conservative today bear none of the traits you mention. They are radicals, in the purest sense of the term, who have shredded our constitution and unbalanced our government at every opportunity.

its the radical extremes that are the real crony's in life.

It my opinion that the radical groups such as the MFC is the nowadays local Jim Jones and we all need to fear and get help to those who have been brainwashed by the evil leaders of the extreme occult like groups that have been the fall of what is a great country of ours.

I will pray for the followers of this radical extremist group of yours. and that one day you will find your true way to the light.