Monday, December 7, 2009

Stories and op/eds in Monday issue of Star Tribune show why it's leftward political agenda is out of touch with people.

I was perusing today's Star Tribune and was struck by the leftward agenda and sensibilities of the paper.

This is clear not only on their op/ed page but also in their general news coverage.

Among Monday's op/ed pieces we find:
  • The editorial page editors push for passage of the health care takeover bill in Congress. "Status quo is risky health care strategy." The attitude is we have to pass the health care bill in Congress because of cost concerns. They of course don't consider whether the proposed changes are worse than the status quo. (I believe the status quo is unsustainable but what they're proposing is only more of the same.)
  • They run a gun control related op/ed piece from the Los Angeles Times.
  • Then there are two stories on animal rights. "Saving our pets must be a team effort".
  • Then a mislabeled piece "One of the species endangered is man" which has nothing to do with man being an endangered species. It's only about animal species.
  • And then a opinion piece by liberal columnist EJ Dionne we heard again a call for passage of the health care bill in Congress.
  • Then there's a cartoon attacking Obama for his surge efforts in Afghanistan.
In the "news" part of the paper there's a big spread on the climate conference. "'Time is up 'for climate treaty" a big pro-climate treaty piece. And then a story "Dirty little eco-secrets tarnish Denmark" which attacks Denmark for not being green enough, because it produces more garbage than other European countries. Of course there's no discussion of the growing controversy over whether global warming is actually a problem.

No wonder the Star Tribune is in such bad shape financially. People can and are getting their news from other sources; sources without such a leftward perspective.

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