Monday, December 14, 2009

Department of Education's safe school director is unsafe for our kids.

If the moral bearings of President Obama's Department of Education are represented by Kevin Jennings, his safe school director, we're in big trouble.

As we know Kevin Jennings was the head of GLSEN, the group which promotes homosexuality and its acceptance in our public schools. Now he's heading up the President's safe schools office at the US Department of Education.

Well, some of the things he promoted through GLSEN before he went to the Dept. of Ed. were anything but safe - "fisting" and other bizarre, perverse, and unhealthy sexual behaviors.

Here's a link to an article which describes the outrageous practices promoted at a seminar put by Jennings' GLSEN group while he headed it up.

Here's a Hannity piece on Mr. Jennings previous activities.

Mr. Jennings' presence in the safe school position at Obama's Department of Education speaks volumes about the values and moral framework, or lack thereof, his Administration is operating from.

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