Monday, November 2, 2009

YouTube post heard around the world.

A couple of weeks ago a couple of Minnesota conservative groups invited in Lord Christopher Monckton, a past adviser to Margaret Thatcher and global warming skeptic, to address the Climate Change Treaty being worked on by the UN and scheduled for a meeting in December in Copenhagen.

It looks like another effort to impose a misguided, disastrous response to the supposed global warming threat. (There's new evidence that the environment may now be cooling but that's another issue.)

Monckton came in and spoke at Bethel University on what this Treaty might actually do. A short snippet of his remarks was posted on YouTube and from there it went everywhere. As of early last week it had gotten over 1.4 million hits.

Here's an overview of the issue by an Australian writer whose piece, entitled "Has Anyone Read the Copenhagen Agreement?", was published at the Wall Street Journal.

This is another illustration of the power of the new media. Info gets passed along to millions of people with the click of a mouse.

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Herb said...

It also shows how quickly and misguided, and how easily people can get indoctrinated with false facts, and fear tactic views.

I cringe in sympathy and fear for all the brainwashed children that get duped by the radical extremist groups.