Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The great abortion and euthanasia power grab. Pelosi and Obama's health care bill.

Most of the national coverage and debate over the health care bill focuses on cost to taxpayers and government control over health care decisions. What the bill will also do is imbed taxpayer funding for abortion in our nation's health care system and put in place a framework for encouraging euthanasia. Here's a description of what the bill will do put out by the Human Life Alliance.
Today, Nancy Pelosi unveiled the updated health care reform bill. Talk about scary! The new bill is very similar to HR3200 as it was amended with the Capps amendment before Congress adjourned for the summer. This 2000 page bill is available online but let me highlight some of the main concerns that we have with it:

Abortion Funding: H.R. 3962 replicates the Capps amendment, passed in the Energy and Commerce Committee.
The bill clearly does not incorporate the Hyde amendment. Instead it accomplishes the opposite of the Hyde amendment which prohibits funding for abortion through government programs. The newly created public option will be authorized to pay for abortions. While the Hyde amendment prohibits funding for coverage that includes abortion, H.R. 3962 establishes an accounting gimmick to justify subsidizing private plans that cover abortion.

School Based Health Clinics:
School health clinics will be mandated. While a new provision prohibits the use of school based health clinic grants for abortion, there is no language regarding abortion referral or facilitating an abortion at another location.

Indian Health: Division D of H.R. 3962
reauthorizes the Indian Health Service (IHS) without a permanent ban on abortion funding. The Senate passed a ban on abortion funding (Vitter Amendment) in the last Congress, but the House did not consider the bill - reportedly due to concern that an abortion funding ban might be successfully attached in the House. The language in H.R. 3962 links Indian Health Service (IHS) funding for abortion to the Health and Human Services Appropriations bill for the given year. This arrangement replicates what is currently in law, but does not reflect the Vitter amendment. Therefore, the current bill will only restrict IHS abortion funding if the Hyde amendment is in effect.

Assisted Suicide: Section 240 of H.R. 3962 requires insurance companies to provide information related to "end-of-life planning" to individuals seeking enrollment in insurance offered on the health insurance exchange. Although the section has several provisions that say the materials provided shall not include assisted suicide, euthanasia and mercy killing, there is a concerned because these terms are not defined, and broader protective language adopted earlier in the Energy and Commerce Committee version has been removed. The broader language was necessary because Oregon and Washington have laws permitting what is commonly thought of as assisted suicide, but those same state laws specifically say that what is done in their state is not assisted suicide. This creates a huge loophole that means
H.R. 3962 will require the distribution of end of life materials that will likely include information about assisted suicide options in states such as Oregon and Washington.

Call and write your senators and your representative and tell them to vote
NO on the health care reform bill. Tell them you do not want to pay for abortions or end of life counseling that includes assisted suicide or euthanasia!!
So here we have another effort by liberals to foist their abortion agenda on the entire nation with President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi leading the charge.


Troy said...

I have been reading all of the claims by right-wing groups about the health Insurance issue, but they do not answer the basic question, "How do we care for those uninsured Americans that are dying".

I am disgusted that ANY Christian thinks Jesus would be on the "let them die" side of the argument. He said "as you do unto the least of these..." Yet most Republicans are worried that abortions could be funded, so the alternative is to let children and elderly just die.l

The bottom line is greed and until Christians quit being dupped by lying "Christians", this is a lost cause.

Elaine said...

Greed and Power. To indoctrinate and to have people follow.

The use of Fear tactics and line item causes such as abortions, to lead their pack to drink their cool aid is sicking.

I was once a taken duped and used follower.

I since learned to lead. To put my heart, soul and mind in my vote.

To vote with morality that includes everyone.

For that is what a real christain does.

Their tainted souls will face judgement day.

John Helmberger said...

Re-check your sources. People are NOT dying for lack of health insurance, and it's false propaganda that says they are. What's at stake in this debate is not who gets health care but who should run it and how should it be paid for.

What makes you think that government is capable of running health care efficiently or well?

Do you want an anonymous government bureaucrat who's looking at comparative effectiveness charts - or worse, a computer program - deciding whether or not you should get a needed but expensive life-saving treatment?

That's what you'll get if Obama/PelosiCare becomes law.

Anonymous said...

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