Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep. Wilson was right!

Vice President Joe Biden says he was "embarrassed" and that it "demeaned the institution" when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted, "You lie!" during President Obama's address to Congress on health care reform last night. (Read story...)

We agree that the comment was inappropriate because it dishonored the Office of the President. As they say in the military, "You salute the rank, not the man." The Commander in Chief is owed more respect than what Wilson showed with his outburst.

But the truth is that Rep. Wilson was right. The President really was lying, not just about health coverage for illegal immigrants, which is what triggered Wilson's outburst, but about a whole lot of other things as well (eg., people being able to keep their current insurance if they want to, not increasing deficits, etc.). His address was a clever string of half truths and false assurances designed to deceive the American people and provide the Democrat majority in Congress with cover to ram their health care "reform" bill down our throats.

Rep. Wilson was right to apologize to the President for his inappropriate outburst, but he should not be ashamed for telling the truth.


mom said...

You can keep saying the world is flat but it doesn't make it so.

The plan has not been put into action, and I unlike the last leader that has criminal lies that have been proven, actually trust this man.

You are the ones that have egg on your face.

Blue State of Mind said...

The president says
Health care for everyone
And people run scared

Funny how people
Were not scared by wiretapping
Or wars built on lies

What is so scary
about healthcare for us all?
I don't understand.

It's about money.
Some have it and some do not.
Some don't want to pay.

We pay for roads sports
schools firemen and armies to kill
why not healthcare too?

Because those others
Cost us too much already
Taxes are too high

Blue state of mind Give
Red State of mind Take a way
can we make purple?

Jesus was a liberal said...

Lets go with facts not what you think.

here are some facts.

The bill, HR 3200, would set up a health insurance "exchange," in which consumers could compare policies and choose a plan. It would create a government-run health plan to compete with private insurers in that exchange, and extend subsidies for coverage to people who aren't already covered by employers or federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid. It specifically bars illegal immigrants from receiving those subsidies. Section 246, which is included in the part of the bill that sets up the exchange, forbids payments "on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States."

Obama's comments in his speech reflect what is in the bill.
Joe Wilson's comments reflect what is in his head.

You can disagree with the plan, but you can not make up facts to fit your bill. That is called a lie.

Just as the term death panel was a lie.

Please decide to follow the truth. I know that Jesus would want you to.

Elaine said...

yes, lets go with facts. not fiction. your lies have been debunked by actual documents. you can try and sell your lies to the media, you can try and throw out your fear tactics, but they stand as they are. LIES. The only one lieing are the extreme right wing. The radicals. The obscene, disrespectful likes as eg., Rep Wilson, and yourselves.

Yes lets call this what it is, and its you telling a LIE.

Which If I remember correctly is a sin.

Good thing your not a Catholic, you would have to spend a lot of time with a priest confessing.

God knows your lies though. I hope your ok with that.

Read the Bill. Do your research. Stop trying to use anything you can to stand up against what might go down in history as the greatest american president ever. Where on the other hand, history writers are already getting their pens out on Bush! I hope to live to a ripe ole age so I can laugh out loud when my great grandson/daughter has to write an essay on the criminal acts of the Bush administration!

Compared to the ones he or she will write about, when the offers of real civil servent are completed by the President we have today!

Jesus is watching you.

ex-right-wing said...

Joe Wilson should have been graveled and punished for his outbust.

It was a disgrace, and the GOP are all saying so.

For you to be so casual about this, is yet another reason the GOP needs to run the other way and dis-associate themselves with the extremists.

Its why I left. As long as the GOP is affiliated with the religious extremists such as yourselves, I find it a very dangerous party to be involved with.

Its time for the GOP to gain back their roots, go to the right and toss out the alarmists, and fear mongers.

ex-right-wing said...

But who's the liar?

As it turns out, the man who called Obama the liar may actually be off base. According to, a nonpartisan site dedicated to fact-checking the claims of "candidates, elected officials, political parties, interest groups, pundits, talk show hosts," Obama wasn't lying when he said the health-care reforms he's proposing would not apply to illegal immigrants.

"Obama can make a pretty thorough case that reform doesn't apply to those here illegally. We don't find the public option argument enough to make the case that Obama 'lied.' We rate Wilson's statement False."

Will you do as wilson did and appologize for being wrong?

I believe in your form of Christianity, you have to privately confess to God. You must be confessing for hours before bed each night.

That must be why Former president Bush used to go to bed so early!

Claude said...

He told the truth he wouldn't have to be ashamed but he lied.

He is the laughing stock of the party now.

The GOP is ashamed to call him a GOP member.

the gavel should have came down on him with distinct punishment.

that sort of behavior should not be tolerated and he should be taken out of his office.

The aftermath of his actions are big.

zzz said...

this is absolutely proof that the August uproar over the health proposals was fed by boorish Republicans and orchestrated attacks.

This is how the extremist deal with not getting what they want.

this came from the same man when disagreeing with a democrat of california who was debating against him about the iraq war he accused Mr. Filner (the dem he wasw debating with) of being consumed by “hatred of America,” and said he was “viscerally anti-American.”

So the MFC backs and endorses childish behavior, inappropriate behavior, and plain out lies if it gets any attention good or bad?

mom said...

It seems that there is huge huge backfire to his joe (heckler) wilson. His life in politics will come to an end because of how irresponsible his action and his lie was. The reaction of both parties have chatized him. INCLUDING conservatives. But again, your extremist ways shows support for such extreme alarmist actions.

but thats just my opinion.

mom said...

Former Pres Carter hit it straight on.

Now you are formally supporting a racist.

But how can I expect more, from a group of people that think that slavery is ok.

Since you find the bible as a book of law, and the bible condones slavery. You then must condone slavery as well.

Do you have anything to say bout such an opinion?