Friday, September 4, 2009

"I Pledge" to ignore older Americans

There has been a lot of talk about President Obama's video "I Pledge" recently, however I haven't heard much about the ageism of the piece. By my rough count there are about 100 individual "pledges" but only 3 or 4 are by people with grey hair - and that's stretching it.

I'm surprised his handlers didn't catch this omission. Or was it on purpose?

Clearly, President Obama's idea of diversity and inclusiveness is lacking by ignoring this important demographic.

I Pledge!


Elaine said...

you will grasp at any straw you can.

If someone has five different looking people in a group you will say why hasn't that one person from over there been included?

This all coming from the people that exclude people as definition.

The day you enclude all people, all thoughts, all religion and all choices is the day you are allowed to say someone else hasn't encluded something.

For your radical extremist religious state is no different than that we faught and lost thousands of men and women over.

mom said...

This was done by an idependant group, that supports Obama and what he stands for.

Have the handlers of the GOP stopped the ragged, obscene extremist views of the religious right? No and its hurt them for sure! To the point the GOP is doing everything they can right now to disconnect from the Religious Right. But they can't stop the Extremists from supporting them. Its free speach.

Jesus was a liberal said...

This was done by a group of celeberties, I don't care if its Charlton Heston (insert any other name of any other conservative celeberty old or young) in his old, or prime days or if its Ellen DeGeneres (insert any liberal celeberty young or old, I used this one cause it covered as liberal as I could think of since she is gay, a woman) it wouldn't matter since they are not a representation of the over all public.

So try again MFC this one is just stupid and doesn't make any sense. in my opinion.

Herb said...

Handlers? How can anyone take you seriously when you are going to comment on a youtube video done by a bunch of stars, who are all clearly liberal. It is not a representation of anything and purely propaganda. No matter if you support the idea or not.

To actually write about this, in the same span of days of trying to call a speach stretched out to the children of our nation to study hard and stay inschool, and to call that propaganda? Do you own a dictionary? Can you tell apart from black and white? Since you only see in black and white, I would hope so, but this isn't a gray matter!

I pledge to keep my kids away from the extremists like yourself.

Mary said...

This type of hype is exactly an example of what is making a total laughing stock of the religious right.

NO wonder the GOP is doing everything they can to seperate themseleves from the radical religious right.

Blog mole said...

I pledge to never take the pledge!

mom said...

yes, the world is flat, the sun circles the earth, and you think that celeberties are speakers of the leaders of the free world.

I guess that indoctrination cool aide you all drink has something stronger in it to kill the braincells than just sugar.