Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Endorse homosexuality or lose your religious liberties.

I've always thought the biggest threat to religious liberties in the United States is the aggressive homosexual movement. They intend force people to accept or endorse homosexual behavior or else lose their businesses, churches, and/or free speech.

A recent Washington Post article gives a number of examples of homosexuality trumping religious freedom.
Faith organizations and individuals who view homosexuality as sinful and refuse to provide services to gay people are losing a growing number of legal battles that they say are costing them their religious freedom.

The lawsuits have resulted from states and communities that have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. Those laws have created a clash between the right to be free from discrimination and the right to freedom of religion, religious groups said, with faith losing. They point to what they say are ominous recent examples:

-- A Christian photographer was forced by the New Mexico Civil Rights Commission to pay $6,637 in attorney's costs after she refused to photograph a gay couple's commitment ceremony.

-- A psychologist in Georgia was fired after she declined for religious reasons to counsel a lesbian about her relationship.

-- Christian fertility doctors in California who refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian patient were barred by the state Supreme Court from invoking their religious beliefs in refusing treatment.

-- A Christian student group was not recognized at a University of California law school because it denies membership to anyone practicing sex outside of traditional marriage.

"It really is all about religious liberty for us," said Scott Hoffman, chief administrative officer of a New Jersey Methodist group, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, which lost a property tax exemption after it declined to allow its beachside pavilion to be used for a same-sex union ceremony. "The protection to not be forced to do something that is against deeply held religious principles."

And let's be clear; this is about behavior not the individual. When persons identify themselves as gays and lesbians they are by definition identifying themselves by what they do -- same sex sexual behavior. It's not an immutable trait one can observe. It's a behavior which is demonstrably unhealthy.

Certainly, people who identify with homosexuality should have the same first amendment and legal protections under the law. But not special protections based on their behavior. And that's what they are now demanding of society and individuals.


mom said...

there was a time quite lately that it was a sin in many christian churches, and the LDS church still thinks it so that mixed races is a sin. If it wasn't for law, against such hostile hate crimes like this, then our country would be back in slavery days.

You hide behind the word Religion to be ok with the hate crime of being anit Gay. If you dont like gay people don't deal with them. Stop trying to make them illegal. That is the only sin going on.

bob said...

Religious Freedom falls under the same laws of free speach Your allowed your opinions but you can not try and force laws to be made because of your opinion. Religion is not a fact, no religion is. All religion is an opinon. You can have your opnion that same sex couples are "sinful" and that the act is a "sin" but a sin is not a law. Please start understanding the difference. Practice your religion, and think what you want. and worship where you want. But to get tax exempts and to think that you are part of the goverment is the only "sin" being made

jessie said...

Do yourself a favor and go see a Tony Kushner when he is town. Learn some facts, not just the lies, hate, bigotry and farces you produce and hide behind that is called your religion.

Elaine said...

Gay people deserve the same rights leagally as all straight people, including marriage. Thats what your so afraid of. Is your straight lifestyle so endangered if same sex couples can join together in one union? Keep to your hate filled religious churches, that wont allow such services, stop trying to stand in front of the others that are not. The only sin is the one of hate which you are full of

Troy said...

The practicing of religion is a behavior, you identify yourselves as christian but were not born that way. You made the choice.

Atheists are forced to act as if Sunday is holy, many stores are closed because it's "god's" day. We have to sit through your prayers, listen to your complaints, deal with your interference in government, education, healthcare, and on and on.

I agree that we should all have the same legal protections under the law, so we need to remove the special protections for religion. Easy as that.

Chuck Darrell said...


Is Romans 1:20-27 hate speech?

Interracial marriage and homosexual marriage have nothing in common, says Rev. Bob Battle. Allowing blacks to marry whites didn't change the definition of marriage. It remained as between a man and a woman.

Rev. Battle ought to know, his family was friends with Emmett Till's.

Chuck Darrell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chuck Darrell said...


MFC opposes homosexual behavior because it's unhealthy. (And that's not an opinion, Bob.)

Elaine, are you saying that anal sex and anal-oral sex (rimming) are healthy? If so, then show me the medical evidence and stop hiding behind name calling and bullying.

Chuck Darrell said...

Sheesh Bob,

We have many laws that are sins. Go read the Ten Commandments.

Elaine said...

chuck, thats not fact, your wrong, promiscuous, unprotected sex is unsafe... Doctors, science disagree with you


and many many many many more concur that its not the sex act itself.

What about Women same sex? that does not have any weight in what you are saying.

Man on Man sex is no more "unhealthy" than any oral sex period.

If two people are clean, and they are practicing safe sex, than you are WRONG, in all ways Chuck.

And sorry one religious view on whats the "same" between what the bible said about same sex marriage and inter race marriage is not at all an answer. It is the same, the laws are proving it.

Religion is an opinion, not fact, not science, history has shown that, if we were following the bible we would think that the sun revolves around the earth!

Face it, your a bigot.

Elaine said...

and why remove posts are you that afraid of the truth?

Chuck Darrell said...


Are you saying that promiscuous sex with multiple partners is healthy?

I'm not sure what your point is. However, if you are saying that promiscuous sex with multiple partners is unhealthy, then we agree.

Now, please produce the evidence that anal sex and rimming are healthy - even if the participants are clean.

Also, you are seeing black helicopters, the post that was removed was my own.

Lastly, is Romans 1 20-27 hate speech and bigoted.

Elaine said...

I gave you tons of links that state that safe clean anal sex is just that.

Not all gay people just like not all straight people have multi partners. actually my neighbor who is a lesbian, has never had sex with a man, and has only had one female partner. She is in her 50's.

I would say she is safer than you have been!

as for your religious text in the scriptures.... He commends the faith of the Romans, whom he longs to see. The philosophy of the heathens, being void of faith and humility, betrayed them into shameful sins

I find anyone telling me what is shameful because it doesn't follow their religion bigotry yes. fully yes in all ways yes!

I know a man wrote the bible, I know that men have chosen what parts of the bible would be seen by what portion of their sect they wanted. I know that man has changed the bible as history went on, I know that fact and the bible have nothing to do with each other, or we would all think the eart was flat, that we should all have beards if we are a man, and that we couldn't even sleep in the same house as our wives if she had a period.

Safe anal sex, is safe yes.

Safe clean oral sex is safe yes. Doctors say so, my doctor told me so! and I only have sex with my husband. But I have asked her.

So yes doctors, the medical world says that gay sex is OK go get over yourself and just not have sex with a man!

mom said...

Gay sex is not unhealthy. I suppose you have never touched your wife with your fingers? or your mouth? if you have, they are the dirties part of your body. What a sinner you must be for having such unhealthy sex with a woman. unless you do use a plastic sheet inbetween the two of you? And do you get up right away and take a shower? use antibacterial spray on the sheets? if not, how unhealthy of you! and I suppose you have exactly how many children as you have had sex. Have you ever pleasured yourself? if so how unclean! and have you ever had a drink? smoked? eaten a french fry? if so we need to start thinking about outlawing your activities for being so unhealthy!

Chuck Darrell said...

"Safe, clean anal sex" is an oxymoron. Elaine you are a victim of sexual politics, junk science and ideology.

Are you saying that there is no medical evidence that shows anal sex, and anal oral sex are unhealthy?

C'mon ladies. Ideology denies disease.

Define safe, clean anal sex and rimming.

Would you provide your doctors name so I can quote her?

Mom, your ideology blinds you from the truth as you imply that anal-oral sex is akin to eating a french fry.

There is a mountain of medical data that documents the health risks of anal sex, and rimming.

In fact, I am certain each of you knows the truth, but you have been taken captive by ideology.

I think each of you has a cognitive STD.

Again Elaine, you refused to answer my question regarding Romans.

Are you afraid to call Romans 1:20-27 bigoted?

Elaine said...


I gave you links, I talked to my doctor, and you were not the one that answered.

If you have ever had oral sex, if you ever used your fingers on a sex organ, of if you did not take a shower the minute you stopped having sex, you indeed had as much germs as any sex, gay, straight or self prescribed.

AS for the bible, there is a condradiction to every scripture, there are tons and tons and tons of links for those. There are millions of actual classes thaught just debunking the bible, and proving that it was written by man for man only.

If you are going to live by the bible, you would have a million other laws to follow that YOU DO NOT follow.

You can not make into law what is in your bible. That is the bottom line. we have a seperation of church and state, and its the actual debate of why YOU WANT THE LAWS TO BE INACTED, is why the courts keep giving the civil liberties to gay people. I do not believe or support your notion of sexual politics. Civil and social rights for all people has nothing to do with sex.

your way too hung up on anal sex, it makes one wonder!

and this is alllll moot when it comes to same sex woman with woman sex.

So, I will say once again. If a man is with another man, and is not with multiple partners, and is behaving in a safe sex man with that man, then it is as safe as it is with me and my husband.

mom said...

Chuck deal is that he is lost when it comes to gay sex, he thinks he is being cool and hip cause he was able to say the word rimming. He has a this image that Gay male sex is all about hanging in the back bars of gay bars having sex with people they dont know eveyr night of the week, And making sure its the roughest of sex ever. Now to me that sounds like his fantasy or perhaps one of the porn tapes he has picked up lately, but its not the majority of sex going on out there, is there some of it? sure there is, and you know there is tons I mean TONS of straight rough sex, going on MUCH MUCH MORE, there is tons more of straight back of the bar like scenes just here in minnesota than all the gay bars put together in the whole country why is that? Because genetically the gay population is smaller. Its a born thing chuck not a choice thing. And guess what? They are "normal" people that want to settle down and get married and have regular ole lives.

The thing that seems to scare them, is that the push is for marriage! its the push to have a "normal" one person one person relationship, because when you take out the normal end of what the population wants, you can go on deomonizing them with their imoral lifestyles, but as soon as they get the moral lifestyles the deomon end goes away!

And another thing chuck, lets hear it from you about the gay women lifestyles? huh? tell me dear how "unsafe" that is or are you like so many other straight men that have difficulties with their own sexuality that you think two women are hot and thats ok!


bob said...

To all those who advocate putting human rights up to popular vote, does that mean the 600 million gay people on Earth get to vote on your human rights? Simply outnumbering people to deprive them of their human rights to equality is completely uncivilized - no better than the Islamofascists in Iraq who vote away the human rights of minority Christians.

Gared said...

If gays marry how will it redefine your Marriage? How will it weaken?

lloydletta said...

Mildred Loving (of Loving v Virginia) which is the case that overturned the ban on interracial marriage, supports including gays in the institution of marriage. I'd say Loving trumps the anti-gay activist Bob Battle. Are you holding up Battle as the poster boy for "traditional values" and "traditional marriage"?

bob said...

Certainly, people who identify with homosexuality should have the same first amendment and legal protections under the law. But not special protections based on their behavior.

Religion is a behavior, its an opinion, a lifestyle. It is not something you are born with but a choice you make.

lary said...

""Certainly, people who identify with homosexuality should have the same first amendment and legal protections under the law. But not special protections based on their behavior.""

Religion is a behavior, its a practice, and belief, and is protected under law. Your behavior has protection.

Your religion is not concrete, there is no proof that Jesus, or that God is real, but you are protected to believe and have rituals and practices under an unproven enity.

A gay person is tangible and real. Their behaviors have nothing to do with you. They do not cause any pain to you or your family. You can go your whole life with your practices and behaviors and never mix with a gay person ever. Gay people are looking for equal rights not gay rights, there is no agenda, its not about sex, its about the actucal make up of a person. Sexuality is part of all beings. Even yours.

bob said...

As of this writing MA, CT, VT, and IA have completed court or legislative processes providing for marriage equality. NH's State Senate voted yesterday to approve a marriage equality bill which now goes to NH's Governor. Maine's State Senate voted overwhelmingly this morning to pass a marriage equality bill which now goes to ME's house.

Now this is Marriage equality! The nation is singing civil and social equality.

I am proud.