Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An implication of homosexual marriage in Minnesota: Indoctrination of kids in the public schools to accept homosexual marriage and behavior.

One of the consequences of legalizing homosexual marriage will be the promotion of homosexual marriage and acceptance of homosexual behavior. With the experience of Massachusetts which has court mandated homosexual marriage, we now have a track record of what to expect.

Here's an example of a book used to promote acceptance of homosexual marriage in a Massachusetts public school. It's called, "King and King."

Here are some excerpts from that book.

Here's the cover of the book, "King and King" that was read to second graders -- without any parental notification. As you can see, it's clearly written to normalize homosexual romance and "marriage" in the minds of very young children.


The book starts out with the Queen nagging her unmarried son, the prince, that he needs to
get married: "When I was your age, I'd been married twice already." Interesting message for
young kids.

The Queen brought in several princesses from various places. They're all portrayed
in a rather nasty manner. And the prince, of course, didn't like any of them. On this
princess from Africa: "Boy, those long arms will certainly come in handy when
waving to the people," said the prince.

But then one princess brings her brother along. The book describes the prince's reaction to her brother in these the two pages below: "At last, the prince felt a stir in his heart. It was love at first sight." (As the princess, naturally, looks confused.)

A few pages later (after a whirlwind courtship) the two princes are shown holding
hands a their 'wedding'. As the text describes: "The wedding was very special.
The queen even shed a tear or two." (Note: We've noticed that 'their parents shedding tears
at their wedding' is a theme that homosexual activists in Massachusetts bring up a lot.)

The book goes on to describe how they're not not just princes, but 'King and King."
And just to rub it in, the last page shows a male-to-male kiss. The message for
kids here is pretty clear. . .

By the way, this book is published by Tricycle Press in San Francisco -- the same company that publishes "Who's in a Family"

This sort of thing will be coming to Minnesota once homosexual marriage is legalized.


Troy said...

I think this will be a good thing for Minnesotans. So many families are afraid to discuss topics like homosexuality, and since it is a part of our culture, children should know about it.

It is also a FACT that gay marriages (no quotes) are legal in this country (you mentioned MA), so the we should be teaching our children about our laws and social structure.

Most people I know (who were born during the last 40 or 50 years) are open about homosexuality and understand that their kids may even be gay.

I am sure this does far less harm to children that all that teaching about fire and brimstone...

Anonymous said...

You're a wee-bit of a crazy person, aren't you?!

Nothing like shilling for Fear when there's nothing to be afraid of in the first place!


james said...

Good story, I personally liked will and grace better though. I find it funny that you think that hiding aspects of real life from your children will just make it go away. What an ignorant view.