Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bullying bill little more than ideology and sexual politics

If SF971/HF1198 were about eliminating bullying, I would support it, however the bills are a thinly disguised attempt to force Minnesota public schools to indoctrinate children and school officials into affirming same-sex marriage, and unhealthy sexual behavior.


The mandate will require a curriculum, (conveniently left out of the bill) that will address GLBT bullying. One curriculum that is being used, (under duress at Hale Elementary) is called "Welcoming Schools" developed by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest GLBT lobbying group in the United States. After a careful review of “Welcoming Schools,” it is certain that the techniques, lessons and materials used – do indeed encourage and reward children to question what they are taught about healthy sexual behavior and the definition of marriage and family.

There is no scientific evidence that proves teaching children to affirm homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage will eliminate bullying, but there is a mountain of scientific evidence that shows homosexual sex is unhealthy and that children need a mother and a father.

Schools should be teaching children to affirm healthy sexual behavior and families, not indoctrinating them with ideology and sexual politics.

We can stop bullying without forcing elementary children to affirm unhealthy homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage.

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bob said...

homosexuality is not unsafe.

Your thinking is.

I have only been with one man my whole life. I plan on only being with him for the rest of my life.

How many women have you touched? I know I am safe, I have never had as much as a jock itch with the sexual practices I have had.

My doctor thinks I am safe.

I have never done the back scene at bars, I have never been with a stranger, and I have never smoked I have had a dozen drinks max this year so far, and hardly drink ever. I go to church. I have two parents both very straight. Very religious and have accepted me, and my Husband. Even if you can't accept that title.

I have never even had a parking ticket. My friends that are gay have never been to jail, No dui's no bathroom stall sex like the right wing christain gays seem to like to do it.

I have friends with grown children, they were gay parents and all their children are straight, since only 10% of the population is gay that would make sense. Perhaps one or two of their children's childrens will be gay, and so on.

I am sorry to tell you. Gay is OK!