Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who's the real hero?

How ironic that events abound today for evolutionist Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, but not for emancipator Abraham Lincoln's (Pioneer Press, Happy birthday, Darwin. Oh, you too, Lincoln.).

What does it say about a society when it largely overlooks the man who ended the evil of slavery in the United States, but widely celebrates the legacy of a man who unleashed the most unspeakable evils in the history of the human race?

How did Darwin do that? By dressing up with a veneer of scientific respectability a dehumanizing worldview that justifies genocide as survival of the fittest. Think Hitler, Stalin, Mao...

Darwinists should be apologizing to the world in shame, not celebrating.

Abraham Lincoln is the real hero whose birth 200 years ago today is cause for celebration.


Dana Reynolds, III said...

This is unbelievably ignorant. Does the fact that the Nazis used Christianity to justify their action discredit the religion? Hardly. The only thing to support or discredit an idea are the facts, plain and simple. The logic in this blog is absurd.

John Helmberger said...

Dana asked... "Does the fact that the Nazis used Christianity to justify their action discredit the religion?"

Check your facts. The connection between Hitler and Darwinism is well documented. He and the Nazis explicitly justified their actions based on Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. In fact, he scorned Christianity because it rejected Darwinism.

Want evidence? Read this:

lloydletta said...

I'd suggest you read some of John Derbyshire's columns at National Review for an alternative, and more sensible view. And using emotional arguments trying to link Darwin to Hitler (which are truly tin foil hat conspiracy theories), doesn't address why Darwin is being honored. Darwin came up with a theory that is a unifying theory in biology.