Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Senator John Marty goes for the trifecta: Homosexual marriage, condom/alternative sex promotion in schools and abortion on demand

Senator Marty has scored the trifecta when it comes to the sex revolution.

He's chief author or author of:

SF 120 "Marriage and Family Protection Act" which legalizes homosexual marriage in Minnesota and would require Minnesota to recognize homosexual marriages from other states.

SF 273
, "The Responsible Family Life and Sexuality" bill which mandates all Minnesota public schools grades 7 through 12 promote condom use among Minnesota teenagers. And along with it will come the invariable promotion of alternative sexual behaviors like oral and anal sex.

SF 115, the "Reproductive Privacy Act" which codifies abortion on demand from conception through all nine months of the pregnancy.

What do all these bills have in common? For one they use misleading and deceptive titles. Redefining marriage out of existence is anything but "marriage and family protection." Promoting sexual activity among teens is anything but "responsible family life and sexuality" education. And "reproductive privacy" does not do justice to the reality that the unborn child in the womb would be utterly defenseless from those who are empowered to destroy their lives in the womb from conception through nine months.

And second, they all seek to further the goals of the sexual revolution -- unrestrained sexual behavior free from consequences. The problems are the consequences aren't free for either the participants or third parties. Abortion kills a human being and often leaves the woman having the abortion dealing with guilt, remorse, depression and/or physical side effects. Sexually transmitted diseases leave one with permanent disease conditions which if not treated can lead to infertility and in some cases death. Out of wedlock births often means poverty and children raised without a mother or a father which in turn often means poorer educational performance and criminal activity.

What Senator Marty is seeking to do is codify protection and thus encouragement of these behaviors in state law.

I almost forgot. He's also author of SF 97, the bill legalizing smoked marijuana for medical purposes. But that's for another day.


Troy said...

I am pleased to say that many Americans, including myself, completely agree with all of these items. I don't know why the Right is surprised. This is what the left campaigned on, and, since we won, we will set the agenda.

The Right had their chance and gave us war, debt and suffering.

It is time the left, right the ship, so to speak...

TheBig Roz said...

Sen. Marty's stance on these issues isn't about sexual bacchnalianism. He is for Gay marriage because gay people are not currently accorded equal civil rights in Minnesota.
He is pro abortion rights because freedom of one's own body is basic to American values and Constitution. Also, a policy of illegal abortion doesn't stop abortion; women in distress, in countries where it is illegal, and back in America when it was illegal,just do it anyway at an equal or greater rate than they do where it is legal, and often cause themselves death or health problems.

Anonymous said...

All of these "horrible things" you are talking about in regards to John Marty really make me happy that he is running for Governor! All of these issues are so important to Minnesota. GLBT families should be recognized by the state and federal government. Its not as if they don't already exist, we need to stop turning a blind eye to them! Youth should have the right to be educated about ways to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Also that is sort of funny that oral sex is considered "alternative" sex. We need to be honest and upfront about the risks of these behaviors and talk about the ways to prevent unwanted outcomes, disease, pregnancy, and like you have said remorse. I am so glad John Marty has stood up for these important MN issues. I hope he continues to fight for our rights!