Friday, January 16, 2009

Marty unveils his promised homosexual marriage bill.

The ruse that homosexuals just want to be left alone is finally over. Back in 1993 the late Senator Alan Spear was adamant that adding sexual orientation to the state's Human Rights Act had nothing to do with homosexual marriage. All homosexuals really wanted was to be left alone. They didn't want to lose their job because they were homosexual. Tolerance was the mantra.

Well, in 15 years the cats out of the bag. Tolerance is no longer the goal but rather endorsement and legally enforced acceptance of homosexuality is the goal through homosexual marriage recognition.

Yesterday, Senator John Marty introduced SF 120 which is misleadingly called the "Marriage and Family Protection Act." (But who's surprised?) In fact it has nothing to do with protecting marriage and family and everything to do with undermining the foundations of marriage. It would repeal our state's DOMA or Defense of Marriage Act or Law and redefine marriage from "a man and a woman" to "two persons."

The stepping stone of civil unions is being shunted aside as unacceptable and they're after the whole enchilada -- marriage.

Frankly, I welcome the debate. If it's truly a debate then the truth will win out sooner rather than later. I believe, however, what the proponents will offer up is more emotion than substance. Why? Because the facts aren't on their side and homosexual marriage is about desire and want not need.

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