Thursday, January 29, 2009

Business as usual and worse. STD funding in stimulus bill.

The $800 billion plus stimulus bill flying through Congress contains hundreds of millions of dollars for sexually transmitted disease prevention. What that actually means is more money for Planned Parenthood and its friends and lots of condoms.

Many rightfully ask how this is supposed to stimulus the economy as opposed to just being pork spending on a grand scale. It's hard to defend it's relevance to stimulating the economy with a straight face or a reasonable argument though Speaker Pelosi unsuccessfully tries to. Frankly, efforts to reduce birth rates via increased condom usage is not the way to expand an economy; having more workers in the economy does.

Sexually transmitted disease prevention programs have been an abysmal failure even for reducing STDs. An epidemic of STDs continues across our nation, because the problem isn't lack of condom use but people having sex when they shouldn't -- outside of a faithful, lifelong marriage relationship. A quaint notion in our "enlightened, postmodern" society but one affirmed throughout history and no doubt will be again long after we are gone.

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