Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Parental involvement help reduce abortion among teenagers

Research is showing that parental involvement laws have significant impact in reducing abortions among teenagers.

A study by Professor Michael New found that "parental-involvement laws reduce the minor abortion rate by 13 percent — a finding that is consistent with other research on the subject. However, state laws that require parental consent instead of parental notification are even more effective, reducing the abortion rate by an average of 19 percent. This finding held true for all age groups that were analyzed — 17-year-olds, 16-year-olds, and 15-year-olds." He also points out that parental consent laws are more effective than merely parental notification laws.

Again, one sees the importance of parental involvement in an enormously consequential decision -- having an abortion.

Of course, those who support abortion don't want parents involved in this decision, because it will result in fewer abortions. An analogous situation is contraceptives and condoms. Contraceptive advocates want to circumvent parental involvement in the dispensing of contraceptives and sexuality education, because they know parents don't support
the social, ideological agenda of the Left. And of course, another egregious example is "minor consent" laws which totally cut parents out of the loop when it comes to contraceptives and treatment for STDs, pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse. Under these laws, minor kids can get treatment without their parents' knowledge and keep parents out of the loop unless they, the kids, give their consent for their parents to be involved.

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