Monday, February 4, 2008

Is what you believe really true?

The February 2008 issue of The Rake magazine came out with a story on The Truth Project a small group curricula designed to encourage Christians to study the implications of their faith, e.g. are Christianity's truth claims merely one's personal preference or are they true for all and every area of life.

The writer Alyssa Ford, who describes herself as having "left the flock" and "no longer a true believer", did I think a fair and balanced story on the program. (You never know whether a writer from one of the alternative magazines merely wants to trash you or geniunely tell a story.)

The Truth Project, which is a very basic, elementary discussion of a wide range of topics, asks the big question: what is truth? And it has struck a cord with an increasing number of evangelicals. There are a wide range of contradictory, confusing assertions in society about what is true. It's all the more incumbent then on Christians now to tackle the issues head on. I'm fully confident that Christianity can more than hold its own. In fact, I think it ultimately prevails. Why? Because it's true and is the only worldview which truly and accurately explains what we see, hear, experience, and understand in life.

From a public square standpoint, I think the cultural Left is rooted in an ideology bereft of a grounding in the truth. In many instances, they don't even believe in truth. At best, it's "my truth" as found in postmodernism. The truly dangerous folks are those so wed to an ideology that they're unwilling and unable to consider facts which counter their most deeply held beliefs. The most murderous ideology in the history of the world was the secular ideology of communism which led to the death's of a hundred plus million people in the 20th century.

The same challenge, debate is being played out in the religious arena between Christianity and Islam. What's so powerful about Christianity is it's rooted in history, reality not a person's private perspective of reality. That's Islam's Achilles' heel and why it will be found wanting.

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