Thursday, February 7, 2008

Conservatives and McCain

With McCain the certain Republican nominee, much has been made of the strong reaction to McCain by some conservatives. A very interesting take on this dynamic was written up by John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine. I think he provides some interesting perspectives on McCain. I'm sure his experience as prisoner of war taught him to march to the beat of a different drummer. It should be a very interesting election race between McCain and either Clinton or Obama. In the meanwhile, I suspect McCain will spend time trying to rebuild bridges with disgruntled conservatives. His first effort was speaking at the CPAC convention today. He certainly accented his conservative views, primarily on economic issues.

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Troy said...

Another Republican standard bearer that has an immoral history and questionable faith. To think that many Christians will vote for him over honest Americans is amazing.

Dobson is right in holding his nose on this one. Adultery and fornication are to be judged, not applauded. Every Christian that votes for McCain is either living a lie or does not understand the truth of the Gospel.

Stand for what you believe or don;t stand at all.