Monday, May 7, 2007

Pawlenty vetos bait-and-switch scheme designed to create marriage-like status for same-sex couples

“We applaud Governor Pawlenty for vetoing bills that were nothing more than bait-and-switch schemes to legalize marriage-like benefits for same-sex couples, said Chuck Darrell, director of communications for Minnesota Family Council. “OutFront understands that 61% of Minnesotans do not want to redefine marriage. So they have changed their tactics from redefining marriage to redefining health care, visitation rights and local government as domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.”

“The question is: Will passing these bills bring any closure to the same-sex marriage debate? The answer is a resounding no!” said Darrell. “States that have compromised by legalizing domestic partnerships or civil unions for same-sex couples have learned ‘There can be no compromise...’ for homosexual activists until full marriage rights are achieved. This bait-and-switch scheme is currently raging in Connecticut, Vermont and New Jersey.”

“Legislators and the people of Minnesota must understand that domestic partnerships, and the rest of the OutFront agenda, are not compromise. Instead of closure, these measures will put supporters closer to legalizing same-sex marriage – exactly what many legislators say they oppose.”