Thursday, May 17, 2007

It ain't over until it is over. However...

Thank you Governor Tim Pawlenty.

The incremental assault on marriage by OutFront has been put on hold for the remainder of the regular session. All references to domestic partners, implied or otherwise, have been removed.

Efforts to redefine hospital visitation privileges as domestic partnerships for same-sex couples have been postponed - until next session no doubt.

Efforts to legalize smoked "medical" marijuana by exploiting the sick may meet the same fate. MFC agrees with medical experts that any medicinal qualities in pot should go through the FDA approval process. And, that the active ingredient in pot should not be administered via smoking a marijuana cigarette.

The push to mandate sex education for children grades 7-12 is coming under fire. Gov. Tim Pawlenty indicated he did not want the mandate in the E-12 education funding bill. Something must have happened in conference committee as the bill was pulled to the senate floor without going to the finance committee. (Against senate rules.)

Perhaps the DFL could not muster the votes in committee. Several Senators reported receiving calls from constituents asking them to remove mandatory sex ed provision. Children don't need to be taught how to perform anal-oral sex with a dental dam.

A special thanks to Sen. Saltzman and Sen Vickerman for voting to remove mandatory sex ed from the bill. Unfortunately is was defeated.

Please call Gov. Pawlenty and thank him for protecting marriage and urge him to veto E-12 if it contains mandatory sex education.