Monday, May 12, 2014

Star Tribune story raises question: Equality or Immorality?

A surprising story carried by the Star Tribune on events over this weekend regarding two men kissing on national television and a bearded cross dresser. Here are the final lines from the story.
Raynard Jackson, a conservative columnist who writes often about LGBT issues, connected last weekend's events to recent laws legalizing marijuana and allowing California schoolchildren to choose their bathrooms and sports teams based on their chosen gender identity.  
"When you connect the dots, you have a society being created in which there are no absolutes, no right or wrong, up or down, black or white," Jackson said. 
So where is guidance supposed to come from for our laws? "It used to be you could look to God, to the Bible," Jackson said.  
"Now it's almost illegal to mention God or Christian values "If you have no standards of right and wrong, then morally it's the Wild Wild West," Jackson said.  
"If everyone has laws that are unique to them, that's a recipe for disaster for society."

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