Friday, March 14, 2014

The sex economy - moral relativism and free markets aren't the answer.

Here's a discussion by Anthony Bradley on an Urban Institute study on the sex industry/economy.  It's leaving in it's wake broken lives.
As much as progressives balk at the “imposition” of religious morality and the church in public and social spaces, the secular humanism’s moral relativism is not working in America and continues to leave children vulnerable to profound evil. For example, the Urban Institute recently released a report on the economy of America’s sex industry — and the numbers are astounding.
He also notes that markets aren't enough.
This study reminds us that markets alone do not produce a virtuous society. While the market is there to facilitate the meeting of demands it does not mean that all demands are equally moral. For this reason, the value of culture is a core principles at the Acton Institute:
Priority of Culture – Liberty flourishes in a society supported by a moral culture that embraces the truth about the transcendent origin and destiny of the human person. This moral culture leads to harmony and to the proper ordering of society. While the various institutions within the political, economic, and other spheres are important, the family is the primary inculcator of the moral culture in a society.
Ultimately, the sex economy will die in the US and around the world when moral virtue excels in individuals and in society at large. As longs as progressives reject the role of morals and the church in the public square the sex economy in the US is only going to get worse.

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