Friday, November 15, 2013

Whether to with ObamaCare. A "death spiral"?

There's already talk about whether ObamaCare can be saved. Delaying it a year? Dropping penalty? Will those actions save it or end it? 

Here are some comments by Harvard Professor David Cutler who's viewed as one of the architect's of ObamaCare. He was interviewed on Fox. 
"So when you were on last week I asked you, if they don't get enough people in the exchanges, then what happens?" said host Megyn Kelly. "And you said then the premiums go up very, very high. Now, was that ball put in motion today?"

"We don't know yet," said Cutler. "So what the president is trying to do is to say the website is not working, the exchanges are not working. Let's try and slow the process down and delay it by a year. And if it turns out to be a delay of a year, then we can work through that. It would be uncomfortable as it has been for the past month, but it will turn out okay. If it becomes a permanent situation that people who are healthier stay away and people who are sicker go into the exchanges, that becomes a very big problem."

"Is that the beginning of the so-called death spiral?"

"That could be the beginning of a death spiral," said Cutler. "That is, you could have a situation where the only people in the exchanges are very unhealthy people with very high premiums."
ObamaCare is another example of how the world does not work.  Government wasn't designed to make people's health care decisions.  Any more it can run an economy or the food industry.  It's an example of ideology run amok.

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