Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A sad day for Minnesota. Not a time for celebration.

With the passage of the redefintion of marriage, the liberal media and political elites and gay activists are in celebration mode.  Love and equality.  It's a great day they say.  Unfortunately, they just don't get it.  
To celebrate Gov. Mark Dayton’s expected signing of the same-sex marriage bill, Mayor Chris Coleman and the city of St. Paul will be throwing an outdoor concert Tuesday evening at Ecolab Plaza downtown. 
The governor will sign the bill during a ceremony that begins at 5 p.m. at the Capitol. The concert will follow a procession led by the Minnesota Freedom Band from the State Capitol to Ecolab Plaza, 375 N. Wabasha St.
This is ultimately, the sexual revolution coming to fruition.  It seeks to enshrine in our laws social endorsement and acceptance of radical individualism and sexual expression.  It's all about having sex with whomever you want and having the state and society affirm it.

Why should it stop with homosexual relations.  There is now no rational basis for saying it should.  If the individual decides, then there are no limits.  Why not multiple parties - polygamy and polyamous relationships.  Gays have gained their stamp of societal endorsement.  Others will, are lining up behind them.

Of course this misses the point of marriage.  It's about the unique bonding - physically, sexually, emotionally - of a man and a woman.  It's about caring for the most vulnerable among us our children.  It's about ensuring children are connected with their mother and their father.  It's about the stability and well-being of society.  The next generation.  All this is jettisoned in the manipulated name of love and equality.  Terms which are distorted when used to promote same sex unions and the push for marriage redefinition.

The prime movers in our society - our elites - and many throughout are living under many delusions.  None more serious and consequential than the notion that marriage is a social construct we can recreate rather than the image of our Creator God.  Sadly, the truth of revelation and human experience says we will reap what we sow.  Maybe not today or tomorrow but it will come and in fact you can already feel the winds blowing.

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