Monday, July 16, 2012

Will Pawlenty be Romney's VP pick?

Speculation abounds over who Mitt Romney will pick as his vice presidential running mate.  The consensus seems to be that former Governor Tim Pawlenty is on the short list.

It wouldn't surprise me if Pawlenty got the nod, assuming Romney wants a safe pick, not someone who could be risky. 

    Pawlenty has experience as a chief executive while governor of Minnesota for eight years.  Was generally quite successful given the very liberal legislature and media he faced.

    He's sharp and is a good debater.

    Seems to personally hit it off well with Romney.

    Is acceptable to all the conservative coalition members Romney has to keep on board.

    Is an evangelical which connects him with an important voting block.

    From the upper Midwest where Romney needs to do well.

It would be neat to have a Minnesotan on the national ticket and possibly as a future vice president.  He'd start to balance out the political scales of Minnesota vice presidents.  Previous ones, Humphrey and Mondale, were democrats.

It will be interesting seeing what Romney decides.

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