Thursday, May 3, 2012

As the stadium turns.

The status of the Vikings stadium seems to change by the day or hour.  There was quite a bit of momentum behind the governor, Vikings and Minneapolis proposal which included electronic gambling as the funding mechanism for the state's portion.  Support dropped because of concern over the expansion of gambling and whether the projected revenues were really viable.

Next came the use of bonding to pay for infrastructure of the stadium.  That lasted a couple of days.  With questions raised over the ability of bonding funds to be used for the stadium that was then dropped. Now, the gambling proposal is back on the radar although some say it will fail if a vote is taken on the House floor.

Others are talking of user fees for things associated with the team and using income taxes derived from player salaries to pay for the stadium.

Who knows where it will end up.  There are about four floor session days left before the legislature must adjourn.  The governor could call them into special session but who knows if that would happen.

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