Tuesday, February 7, 2012

9th Circuit decision striking down Prop 8 fails to pass straight face test.

A three judge panel on the 9th Circuit on a 2-1 vote struck down California's Prop 8 constitutional provision protecting marriage between a man and a woman.

The court's decision fails to pass the straight face test when it said:

“Although the Constitution permits communities to enact most laws they believe to be desirable, it requires that there be at least a legitimate reason for the passage of a law that treats different classes of people differently. There was no such reason that Proposition 8 could have been enacted.”

Imagine that. The there's no legitimate reason for the state recognizing the only union which can produce children and which uniquely provides benefits to men and women universally recognized throughout human history.

How could the two judges miss this? I suppose radical ideology and the desire to impose their view on the rest of society had something to do with it.

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