Friday, January 6, 2012

Liberal talk show host Ed Schultz impressed by Santorum

Here's a couple of interesting videos by liberal, talk show host Ed Schultz. He followed Santorum around Iowa and was impressed. Didn't agree with his views but was impressed by him as a candidate.

segment is done before the caucuses and this segment was done in response to liberal critics of his comments.
All right, so last night I'm on the coverage (of Iowa caucuses) on MSNBC and all of a sudden I start getting all of these tweets from liberals who think that I am eating Santorum's salad or I'm a turncoat and emails are coming in, Ed, wha, wha, wha, wha -- shut up!

Look, I went to Iowa as an objective reporter to bring the story to you on what's happening on the ground. And I came back and I said, you know what, this Samtorum guy (yes -- "Samtorum"), he's going to win. Why is he going to win? Because he's absolutely an ace at retail politics. And yes, whether you like it or not, he's as good as President Obama with a crowd. I know, I saw it, OK?

I, on the air, on "The Ed Show," I talked about why he's good. Because he looks right at people and gives them a direct answer and then gets into detail. He doesn't get off into the weeds with bullet points and he doesn't dismiss people, OK? There is a certain genuine quality about this guy. Has nothing to do with how radical his positions are on gay marriage or the family or, you know, the bridge to nowhere or whatever! But I want to tell you, it kind of pissed me off!

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