Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If you're pro-marriage does that mean you need not apply for a position with Hamline business school?

It's reported that Hamline business school officials decided to back out on an agreement it reached with former state rep and Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer because he's, among other things, not as supporter of same sex "marriage".

In a Pioneer Press news story:
Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer is accusing Hamline University officials of caving to faculty opposition and reneging on an agreement for him to teach at its business school.

Emmer said Tuesday that the St. Paul school agreed to hire him for the job and to fill an "executive in residence" position earlier this fall. But, he said, the school backed away after a small group of staff, including business school professor David Schultz, objected to his political views, including his opposition to same-sex marriage....

In a letter to Hamline President Linda Hanson, Emmer said, "Madam President, is there a requirement that every faculty member at Hamline conform on the issue of marriage? Is there only one point of view allowed? Is there no political or religious freedom recognized at Hamline? I thought the 'mission' at Hamline University was to educate - not to inculcate.
Another example of intolerance and narrow mindedness on the part of the left?

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