Friday, November 18, 2011

Stunning indictment of Obama's $800 billion stimulus -- hurts growth of economy and piles up more debt.

Here's the head of the Congressional Budget Office Doug Elmendorf testifying before the US Senate regarding the economic effects of the economic stimulus package triumpeted by President Obama and passed on Congress a few years ago. Elmendorf said that the net effect of the $800 billion stimulus package in ten years will be negative. In other words, if Congress had done nothing the economy would be in a better place in the long run.

The effects are even worse because of the interest we'll be paying on the increasedl debt for years to come.

The reason for the stimulus was a quick boost to the economy which certainly hasn't been much of a boost. It really typlifies the problem with our Washington DC political culture. A short term mindset ignoring the long range impact of their actions. Plus irresponsible use of other people's money.

Ultimately, these are deeply moral problems. Our political culture, which also reflects back on the general culture, is acting without restraint and responsibility. This can't and won't go on forever. Just as we can't defy the law of gravity, we can't deny the laws of economics and finance. As the old muffler commercial said, "You can pay now or you can pay later." We're opting for the second alternative which will only make things more painful.

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