Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Minnesota next key battleground state in fight to protect marriage

The National Organization for Marriage* (NOM) today began a $200,000 statewide television campaign to inform Minnesotans of the attempt by special interest groups to redefine marriage in Minnesota, and called on elected officials to let the people vote on this critical issue.

CLICK HERE to see the television ad.

“Many Minnesotans are unaware that special interest groups are working to convince activist judges and DFL lawmakers to redefine marriage in the state,” said NOMs president Brian Brown. Recently a lawsuit was filed by Marry Me Minnesota asking the courts to redefine marriage, and six bills were introduced in the legislature this year to do the same thing.

“We welcome NOM to Minnesota and appreciate their efforts to inform Minnesotans on the serious threat to marriage in our state,” said Tom Prichard, president of the Minnesota Family Council.

The ad shows Sen. John Marty boasting that he believes homosexual marriage could be legalized next year when the legislature reconvenes. Marty believes all that’s needed is a pro-homosexual marriage governor. NOM and MFC take his statement seriously.

“It’s critical that Minnesotans understand where each gubernatorial candidate stands on marriage,” continued Prichard. MFC understands the most DFL and Independence candidates for governor support imposing homosexual marriage on Minnesota, and most DFL legislators don’t want Minnesotans to have a say.

31 states have already voted to protect marriage. That’s why, when they ask for your vote, ask them if they’ll guarantee your right to vote on a marriage amendment.

Contact your legislator or candidate and ask them to let the people vote.

* NOM is the nation’s leading advocacy organization protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The group has been active in marriage debates in numerous states, including helping secure the passage of Proposition 8 in California in 2008 and Question 1 in Maine last year. NOM also helped defeat homosexual marriage proposals in New Jersey and New York last year, and is battling for the right of District of Columbia voters to overturn gay marriage in the nation’s capitol.


Good As You said...

Another truly terrible ad from NOM

Gurthie said...

Your need to indoctrinate the world with your religious views is pure oppression.

You are the evil you fight. The day you realize this is the day you will reach the light and knowledge of true happiness. The day you stop living against things and standing up against people, and when you start giving, without the knowledge of others will be the day you start your path to God and eternal happiness.

Till then I will pray for the soul you have lost, your own.