Thursday, March 4, 2010

51 or 60 votes and hypocrisy.

There's an interesting debate over the 60 votes necessary to overcome a filibuster and use of reconciliation to pass the health care bill or significant parts of it.

Eric Black of the liberal MinnPost newsblog accused both Republicans and Democrats of hypocrisy on the topic. Both have used it and then when convenient said it shouldn't be used. He took heat from fellow liberals.

What's most interesting are the comments made by Democrats including President Obama in 2005 when he was a US Senator. Now he's encouraging Democrats in Congress to use it.

Here's another group of videos and tapes where Obama said they would need 60 votes to pass it.

No wonder people get frustrated with politicians and especially, in this case, President Obama who held himself as someone who would bring change to Washington, DC; he would get things done.

I suspect if Democrats do use reconciliation now they'll give Republicans license to do it with more regularity in the future. And as Black mentions, could it be used to repeal Obamacare, if it passes, with only 51 votes in the future.


elaine said...

The occult like practice is dangerous.

sex ed makes you gay is your newest mantra?

Are there seriously people that follow your lead?

my heart and soul is weeping for the children that minds and souls have been blackened by your dangerous thoughts, and choice of lifestyle.

mom said...

Christ is weeping for the souls of those children that the extremist have harmed.

The unnatural lifestyles of those of the cults like the MFC damages the minds of all people.

I too read that article, and the bigotry alone is dangerous.

Herb said...

interesting article at the Minnesota Independent.

I especially like the coments made about Tom Prichard.

I would enjoy to know if he getting paid under the table by the GOP.

So much for small Gov, If it pleases the MFC, the Gov would have all there is to say on whats "sacred"

like this particular blog post said Hypocrisy, The MFC knows very well what that word means since I believe it might even be some of the founding members middle names!