Friday, June 5, 2009

The pen is greater than the sword.

The often used phrase could well be applied to Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of the novel, "Uncle Tom's Cabin". It was published in 1851-1852 and discussed the injustices and abuses of the institution of slavery in America.

It was a best seller and stirred up significant public sentiment against slavery. In fact, when President Lincoln greeted her he said, "So you're the little lady who started the big war."

It just goes to show the power and potency of ideas. Ideas are important because they ultimately cause people to act one way or another. As the author of Proverbs writes: "As a man thinks in his heart so he is." What we do is dictated by what we believe, whether for good or for bad.


Elaine said...

And extremist religious groups like the MFC use words to try to indoctrinate and colonate the public, with fear tatics.

Brittany said...

I'm deeply saddened Elain that you feel that way. My family feels very much the opposite and is grateful for the work MFC does and does in love. If fear is used it is used like one uses fear to protect not to manipulate.

I hope someday you will see the MFC that we see.

mom said...

There is no protection in Fear! its a brainwashing tatic, a way to control, and to have power.

Its a form of abuse. I will pray for your soul, Brittany, that you can find the true Jesus Christ, the love, non fear tatic, spiritual lifestyle, that can allow for all beliefs.

The behavior and lifestyle of extremists like the MFC is only out for the soul purpose of control. Its a dark, and sinful lifestyle.

I wish you peace Brittany, and again, I will pray for you.

bob said...

The only healthy fear is to fear the extremists. The government has them on watch, as all possible terrorist groups. I hope that you see the light Brittany, do the research, see what else is out in the world. See how it was people like the ones that are in your very own church that caused moments like collumbine, it was the same make up that killed the doctor because they differed in view from him.

Your extremist group is no more than an occult.

Seek out the truth, look in your very own library nnd see how many versions of "their" bible there are. Seek out science, and truth.

There is room for science and God. There is room for truth and no fear tactics.

There is room for your beliefs and not having to control others.

Colonizing, is a form of slavery.

The only mighty thing they have written is fear, for fear has power, and it controls. They are seeking to control you, and everyone.