Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank you Governor Pawlenty

On Saturday, Governor Tim Pawlenty vetoed SF 971, the so-called anti-bullying bill. Gov. Pawlenty correctly asserted that the bill was duplicative as Minnesota already has a law prohibiting all kinds of bullying.

The name “anti-bullying” sounds innocuous, but the bill would have required that Minnesota public schools indoctrinate your children and grandchildren to affirm homosexual marriage and unhealthy sexual behavior. In his veto letter, Gov. Pawlenty wisely asked the Department of Education to review its anti-bullying policy and instruct school districts to enforce it.

Like you, MFC opposes all kinds of bullying. Please join Gov. Pawlenty in making sure your school enforces its anti-bullying policy and teach your children to refrain from all kinds of bullying - including GLBT children. Anti-bullying starts in the home.

CLICK HERE to send an email to Gov. Tim Pawlenty and thank him for vetoing SF 971 or call him at 651-296-3391. Also, thank him for opposing or vetoing the following:
  • Marriage and Family Protection Act – A bill to legalize homosexual marriage
  • Recognize homosexual marriages performed in other states
  • Delete all references of man, woman, husband and wife from Minnesota marriage law
  • Legalize homosexual civil unions
  • Medical Marijuana - vetoed
  • Various domestic partnership bills designed to legalize homosexual marriage

Thank you Governor Pawlenty!


mom said...

Yes, Thank you Pawlenty to make sure that hate crimes against the disable, are not as protected as other hate crimes. Thank you Pawlenty for hate crimes against Muslims are not protected as seriously when they need the wording more than ever now. Thank you Pawlenty for allowing religion to guide your decsion making, and for allowing the extremist groups like the MFC to be in your pocket.

Thank you Pawlenty for showing the world that we in Minnesota do not care about the public at large for all its individual needs, and differences. Because yes this bill had a lean for protection of being gay.

Because we all know that being gay is the worse sin in the world. torture of these gay children are not important though.

Thank you MFC as well for showing how SINFUL you all are.

Troy said...

More from the RNC (Rush, Newt, Cheney) party. Hope he doesn't have gay or disabled family members, if so, he has just told them they are second class citizens.

We finally start becoming a progressive state, and the cavemen like Pawlenty start grunting.

Elaine said...

Thank you Pawlenty for showing that the religious extremists can still buy your vote.

bob said...

The laws had to be changed to pin point the crusade against the Black race. There had to be wording changed to pinpoint that Women had to be treated the same as men. When millions of people are beating down a certain portion of the population, words need to be incorporated into law to make the point of severity.

Religous groups hide behind the words that are written into law to provide the backing to the crusade against the gay population.

There is a crusade against the Gay population and gay bashing is a level of hate crime and needs the protecton of the word of law.

I would say that the muslim groups need exactly the same thing. Because of their obvious religious garb pointing themselves out in society, they are more easily targeted. Therefore need extra care for protection.

This is about the crusade against the gays. And the secrete anti gay agenda of the religious right extremist groups that buy politics and have bought Pawlenty's vote.

Anonymous said...

Of course your for this. Its because it allows you to continue being the bully.

You hide behind the words of the law alright. I agree with bob all the way on that one. The wording of the law protects your behavior because you call it your religious practice. That behavior can be hate and crime level bully tactics that stamps down a whole society of people that are different than you are, but its a behavior that is covered by the law. So you are without crime.

You are the bully. You bully people with the idea that your God says that this shouldn't be so or that shouldn't be so, and they will be condemed if they support a cause that is right by all social means.

When a full society is being bullied by groups of people, then that group needs speical words written into law. Just as you got Tom.

It is a crusade on the gay population. Its a bully tactic, and its wrong.

You Tom are a bully.

Anonymous said...

The actions speak louder than the words. The veto is the action that proves that the MFC is in the pocket of the Gov's office.

The speration of church and state which is the law is not upheld in this case. It has been denied.

We have had to word the law many times over to get it right. This is another time where the words need to be added to make it right.

If the words sexual orientation is added to the law, then it gives the right of those with differences than the majority a field to fight on. A even field to accuse those who bash them.

I agree with thouse who are saying that when a group of people are bashed for being that particular group, than their group needs protection.

You, the MFC are gay bashers. And are the bullies that the law needs to protect the rest of society from.

Chuck Darrell said...

Are you saying I can't love someone if I disagree with their sexual behavior?

Do you hate a man that cheats on his wife? Do you hate a promiscuous teenager?

Is Romans 1:26-27 hate speech, bigoted, etc.? Is a pastor that preaches said verse a hate filled bully?

mom said...

This has nothing to do with what you dislike or like, or love. I dislike your lifestyle, I think YOUR life style is terrible! I think its bigoted, I think the practices you do daily are oppressive to your wife and children. But your wife made the choice to be with you. The two of you made the choice to do what you do together.

I think you are allowed to be a bigot. Which in my opinion you are.

You are protected to preach to those who make the choice to sit in the pews. your behavior is protected, and your actions are protected, and your life style is protected.

For you to push those beliefs on the the law is the issue. Is what makes you a bully. Not your thoughts, and what you and those around make the choice to do.

The MFC doesn't preach, it conforms.

Conformity is a bully act.

This is what makes you a bully.

bob said...

STop the crap about loving the sinner and not loving the sin. It has nothing to do with who you love, what you love or how you love.

The one line Mom said, Conform.

To pressure the law to reflect YOUR religion. NOT MINE. is what makes you a bully.

I would never expect you to sit down and meditate with me daily as I do. I would never expect or force you not to believe in your god, which I do not. I would never force the law to put into practice my religious beliefs.


Elaine said...

I personally do think what a preacher says can be contrived as hate speach, when they direct their congregation to be active, and forceful on the public, to go forth and to force others to listen to them, to hear them, and to put their beliefs into law.

What you keep personal, and decide to keep within your church walls is your own. DO NOT COME INTO MY CHURCH, DO NOT COME INTO MY CLASSROOMS, DO NOT COME INTO THE LAW.

That is what has made you a bully

Anonymous said...

When a child leaves the church, and beats up a child in the playground because of what their preacher has told them, and what their father says is a sin, and what their father has pressured the law into not proctecting, its beyoung bully state its hate crime. Its a form of genocide, and makes the MFC no different than the nazi's.

Elaine said...


you have tried and tried again to use the one or two lines from the bible, you have used the line that its "unhealthy" sex.

YOu have NEVER answered, why do you pick and choose what lines you follow from the bible? Because I am sure you dont sleep in a seperate bed, you wouldn't marry your brothers wife if he died, and a million other "laws" that the bible gives you, you also have never answered, when your talking about man on man sex, what about women? lesbian women are by far the safest sex partners on the planet.

Your fearful of something different, and your a conformist. you need to control the planet under your religious views.

if you need to live in a religious state move to afganastan.

your a bully, you are a criminal in your behaviors.

your the SINNER.

I hope one day you will have to deal with a gay son or daughter. I hope that your grandchildren have to come to you and ask you why would you be so discrimative, and how you can pressure others to try and conform to your beliefs.

You will have your judgment day.

lloydletta said...

Chuck, the question is why you spend so much time discussing "homosexual behavior", by which you mean gay sex. Straights engage in the same sexual behaviors that gays do - but I don't hear you going on about that.

It appears that Governor Pawlenty has kowtowed to your group yet again. This is disappointing.

Elaine said...

Lloydletta, he spends so much time on gay men sex, anal sex is his one issue in life, the amount of thought process that goes on in hise life, and judgement on the topic, and the colonizing behavior of his regarding making the public all conform to his idea's on that one particular behavior of anal sex is what is so amazing.
He has yeet to answer any question on the "behaviors" of women on women sex, and the idea of how "unhealthy" that is, his backing has always been that anal sex is unhealhty. Thats why he doesn't support it. I can tell you that my backdoor doesn't get touched. I don't enjoy it. but the woman I love, and have been with longer than most "christain" marriages ever last, has never been with anyone else but me. I am positive Chuck can't say that! He picks and chooses his ways to follow the bible, he picks and chooses exactly what is "unhealthy" and all of it has to be with power of his religion. He has to not preach to those who want to listen, but to conform everyone. That is power, greed, and no different than hitler.

bob said...

With Pawlenty not running again for the Gov seat, you will have to start all over again to try and buy another politician. Poor MFC pocket books are going to be shown bare, after that 10 percent I am sure all of you give to the church right?